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We will answer you as soon as possible, mostly during the opening hours corresponding to Europe (we are based in France). In the meantime, feel free to browse through this FAQ, you may find the answer to your question! 

Sometimes the software misinterprets the model data, confusing millimeters (metric system) with inches (imperial system). In this case, you just have to enlarge the concerned part by a factor of 25,4 (+2540%), that will solve the problem.

Yes, most of our sets are designed with this in mind, by being divided into several parts: this allows easy access to the interiors of the ground floor and each floor. You can consult the photos, which systematically detail how the file is designed. 

We also detail the number of pieces that the decor contains, you can consult this information by clicking on "Product details" of the product sheet: 

1) Start by logging into your customer account :


2) Access the list of your orders:


3) Click on the "Detail" button of the order you are interested in:


4) Download your files by clicking on the blue links of each item: 

We compress some of our large files so that they can be downloaded more easily and quickly. To do this, we use one of the most common and efficient compression methods, the RAR format.

To open the RAR archive and access the STL files, you have two methods :

- either use one of the many free software available. We recommend 7-zip (download here: 7-zip.org). Once the software is installed, you just have to extract the files contained in the RAR archive.

- or use an online website, like this one: createzip.com/extract

No, sorry, we do not offer this type of service. 

No, sorry, we do not offer a commercial license. All STL files we offer are for personal and exclusive use only, thank you. 

Please note that the digital files we sell are not physical objects sent by mail, but digital objects (3D models in .STL format) that you will download. 

The scale in which the file is located when you download it is indicated in its product page, at the "Product details" level ("Original file scale") :

If the information is not present, do not hesitate to contact us, we will communicate it to you as well as the resizing ratio of the model to the scale you use. 

Note that some slicers may automatically resize objects when you import them: identify it when it happens to be sure to apply the right resizing. 

The 3D models can be resized to any scale for printing, they are specifically designed for wargaming, so they are perfectly suitable for scales from 10mm to 32mm. We advise you to pay attention to the size of your printer board if you want to print the scenery in large scales.

A download link is sent to you immediately by email upon payment of the order. You can also find your files in your customer account