Alt Frontier Frenzy In the untamed lands of the Wild West, where outlaws and lawmen duel under the scorching sun, a simmering tension grips the frontier, ready to explode at any moment.
Our Old West models
Alt Bullets and Bravery On the blood-soaked battlefields of the war, amidst the deafening roar of gunfire and the cries of fallen soldiers, the fate of nations hangs in the balance.
Our World War 2 models Bullets and Bravery
Alt Far To East Deep in the middle an old Asiatic center, place habit clashes accompanying novelty, unseen mysteries and old rivalries fuel pressures and warn to blow up into conflict.
Our Asian models
Alt Imperial Conquest In the sprawling Roman Empire, where power and ambition reign supreme, treachery lurks in every shadow, and the fate of empires is decided by the swing of a gladiator's sword.
Our Ancient models
Alt Cosmic Clash Beyond the reaches of known space, on a distant planet base shrouded in mystery, a looming conflict threatens to tear apart the very fabric of the cosmos.
Our Sci-Fi models
Alt Blades Unleashed In the cold Nordic lands, where the misty fjords echo with the clash of swords, the Vikings wage a never-ending battle for glory and conquest.
Our Viking models
Alt Medieval Mayhem In a world of castles and knights, where honor and chivalry clash with intrigue and treachery, a kingdom on the brink of war must navigate a web of alliances and betrayals.
Our Medieval models
Alt Dark Jungle Amidst the jungles of Vietnam, where the echoes of gunfire pierce the air and the harsh realities of war test the limits of human endurance, soldiers fight for survival in a brutal conflict.
Our Jungle models
Alt Darkfire's Chaos In a world consumed by darkness, with dragons roaming the skies and chaos reigning supreme, an epic battle between good and evil unfolds, threatening the very fabric of existence.
Our Darkness & Chaos models
Alt Clash in the Stars A celestial symphony of lasers, explosions, and cosmic dust as warring factions battle for supremacy in the unforgiving arena of space.
Our Spaceships models
Alt Seas of Fortune In a medieval world ruled by the law of the sea, pirates roam the waves and plunder is the currency of the realm. A desperate struggle for survival and riches unfolds in a brutal game of piracy and treachery.
Our Pirate models


French wargaming enthusiasts, we are specialized in 3D printing models (terrain, vehicles, figures or accessories) for miniatures games or modelism.

Our digital files are provided as STL files, verified and perfectly adapted to 3D printing. 

Feel free to contact us with any question, and enjoy your visit !

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Lifetime support

As passionate about 3D printing and miniatures as you are, we are at your service for any question you may have.


High-quality models

Each of our models is a professional and very detailed file to be 3D printed, ready to be used in your project. 


Incredible choice

With 2000+ models covering any universe, you will definitely find what you are looking for on our website !


Instant download

As soon as you have placed your order, you can start downloading. Can't be faster !

Fantastic items easy to work and paint, plus they fit in with the other brand of tanks I have. Great job !
Richard F. (US)
High quality item and perfectly matches the description.
Christian D. (Belgium)
Amazing customer service. Print files are clean and very detailed.
James M. (US)

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